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The extended a milli freestyle is seriously fucking magical. Once I watched that I showed everyone I saw for the next three days.

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What is the reason a guy like King Los that is signed by Diddy isn't fucking huge? He is fucking incredible. The videos where he does the freestyles off the top by responding to words are ridiculous, especially when that dude runs out of words before Los runs out of bars.

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His releases that aren't freestyles are unimpressive. I do agree that his freestyles are some of the craziest I've seen though.

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exactly this.

i used to be a huge los fan before he got re-signed by diddy after he initially dropped him. once he released the crown aint safe, i liked it but i didn't love it.

since then i've moved away from him because he just flat out sucks at making good music, and most of his freestyles are recycled lines from other songs/freestyles. however even with that, he is still one of the most talented freestylists i've ever seen.

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He should just write for some big rappers and get rich off those royalties

But then again I think that's what he's doing already....

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Best actual freestyler in the game, no doubt in my mind

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His freestyle on sway is incredible. Watching the reaction from his crew is golden too.

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Meek is so turnt up in that one video.