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Awesome bot :O.

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Thanks Massimo.

I will work through these.

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Very cool! Thanks for sharing Massimo! Go DePaul! :)

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Thanks Massimo.

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Is it just me or is the volume in the first video a bit too low? Anyway good work!

Also sorry for hijacking, but is there any plan to add OrientDB support to the web2py DAL?

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REQUEST FOR THE SOURCE CODE of these five magnificent videos. Posting would be nice. Blog app of vid1 went well. In vid2 I stumbled on a foreign key constraint. Thank you

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The source is posted in appliances, specifically MyForum, Estore, Surveys. Missing something?

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IS THERE A PACKAGE OF THE REDDIT_CLONE APP OF VIDEO 2+? At the end of vid 1 you made a package to post it. Is there also one of the reddit clone in vid 2 and further? Tried already some of the appliances and shall dive into these more recent ones. Anyway, great stuff, and for me the best at this moment, implementing web2py. Thank you very much.

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I think I did not save it. You can find an older one here:

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IT BOILS DOWN TO FOLLOWING THE VIDEO WITH MORE EASE I know the older one. But this one is alive, so to speak, and we can follow the flow of it. That was the point. But no problem. Sometimes I lose hours by a typo or whatever. In that case a package would be welcome... Thank you for creating this wonderful Framework.