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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
Senzu 436 Imma Get You Bitch
SplitFigure 243 Funny Police Search Gone Wrong
UrsusMaximus 213 The Original Tazered Less
Submitten 182 I can break these cuffs!
spahget 80 Steve's Drunk and High DUI at Work Arrested on Scissor Lift
comicsansibar 67 I can break these cuffs! full song
benopp 56 Funny drunk lady on Over The Limit & The Soup
Caveat53 54 Know It All Reporter Gets Tased by Court Officer for Trying to Gain Passage
Crushnaut 53 "Pull up your pants, faggot." - Best of Vines
writeln 38 What Is Drugs?
narged 38 Woman Too Excited About Arrest - County Law!
edude45 15 Drunk Man busts fence and gets Arrested
ENWOD 9 Traffic Cops UK: British Police vs Drug Dealer
writeln 8 i can break these cuffs
PSYOP14EE 5 Lawnmower Taser Arrest
imnotabus 4 Steve Lawn Mower DUI Guy Steals a Cop Car
Bandit1379 3 Louis CK Poker scene from episode 2 of LOUIE on FX every TUESDAY at 11pm
STRAIGHT_BENDIN 2 Family Guy - Sulu - Hellooooo
ApexPredator 2 That's a penis
namesrhardtothinkof 2 Louis CK: Faggot
YoungFlyMista 1 University of Florida student Tasered at Kerry forum
CaptainCoque 1 I Can Break These Cuffs!!
bring_me_a_samich 1 SHROOMER GETTING ARRESTED! warning foul language! FLORIDA FLORIDA I HATE SPIT!
Hrondle 1 I Before E Except After C - QI Series 8 Ep 14 Hocus Pocus Preview - BBC One
Sn4p77 1 Politivold ved aksjon mot ulovlig bomstasjon
donnerpartay 1 COPS TV Show, Over the Limit, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Akintudne 1 Dont Talk to Police
Akintudne 1 What Really Happened To Abe Lincoln uncensored
mikey_says 1 Phish Super Ball IX Wookie Acid Arrest
fucktriplehgh 1 Mr TURNER DUI
guitardude_04 1 The best part of the movie Run ronnie run
Squidfist 1 What Ironic Really Means - Merriam-Webster Ask the Editor
sam712 1 The best part of waking up is Folgers in your TRAP
YourLogicAgainstYou 1 Monty Python - The First Man To Jump The Channel
iamhusband 1 drunk redneck
rpk213 1 funny black super midget trying to escape from cop
Mr_Thumpy 1 Just waiting for a mate
Lochen9 1 Cameraman Tazed In Court: Jerk Or Justified?

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This bot is great. The only problem I have with it is that it links using the shortened version of the URL ( Since most people link to youtube videos with the full URL (, the video links don't turn purple if you've already clicked them somewhere else in the thread.

[–]VideoLinkBot 14 points15 points ago

Necessary evil for two reasons:

  1. Reddit limits comments to 10K characters. A shortened youtube link is 20 characters, whereas youtube link without API parameters (such as start time or playlist references) is 42 characters. Add in API parameters and it can be twice that again or even longer. Shortening URLs allows the bot to post more links, and it often doesn't get close to posting all the links in the thread. And frankly, you probably wouldn't want the bot to do that anyway

  2. Even if the bot wasn't shortening the links, it would at least normalize the youtube link to just the video id, removing API parameters to allow some basic "deduplication" of videos linked. Otherwise, if 5 users all posted the same video but with different start times, the video would appear 5 times in the bot's list. This is how the bot used to work and people complained quite a bit. So in light of this deduplication, you would lose a lot of purple links anyway.

Even though I won't be making any changes to the bot based on your complaints, I do appreciate your feedback. Please don't hesitate to make more suggestions in the future if you think of other ways the bot might be improved, or even just other things about the bot that you find annoying.


[–]DatBlizzard 1 point2 points ago

Fair enough, most of the time it isn't all that difficult to look at the video titles and figure out which ones you've already seen anyway, it was just a minor suggestion.

Thanks for the awesome bot.

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I'm surprised to see that the man singing Bohemian Rhapsody in it's entirety while in the back off the police car on that last.