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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
stormfallen 177 Infernal Nasus Voice - English - League of Legends
VictorJr_ 41 Snoop Dogg Dance from "Drop it like it's Hot" Greenscreen HD
ThunderReb 14 Orianna Voice - Deutsch German - League of Legends
Trollicus 14 Weed Circulation
nineteenthninety 13 Tenacious D vs the devil
cadesert 10 Tenacious D "Beelzeboss" with lyrics
LawfulStupid 6 I AM SINISTAR
feyrband 5 The Venture Bros.: Know-it-all
02a 2 WoW 4.2 - Ragnaros' New Voice
02a 2 Halo 3 - E3 2006 Announcement
Ipawnproz 2 Infernal Nasus - Dance reference - League of Legends
eXpactX 1 D-Devils - Dance With The Devil
SkyySh0t 1 Tasty Riff Beelzeboss
SkyySh0t 1 American Dad. Solo de guitarra brett
Kapty 1 Extremely Incomplete - Infernal Nasus Skin NO ULTI FORM - League of Legends
MTwist 1 Pantera - Cowboys From Hell Official Video
tacobff 1 Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like It's Hot ft. Pharrell Williams
RedditLikeaBoss 1 Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell Interscope
RossBoomsocks 1 Infernal Nasus - Snoop Dogg dance Drop it like it's hot
Zelos 1 Nasus 2013 Visual Upgrade Voice - English - League of Legends
Desslochbro 1 Infernal Nasus Skin Spotlight - League of Legends
Trollahkiin 1 PBE - 10/31/13 - Nasus Inferno Skin - Abilites and Animations
zelcor 1 Jontron - Ooooh
Macaqueking 1 Pre-Release Teaser - Scorched Earth Renekton Skin - League of Legends
iMosu 1 Kirby/Snoop Dog --REMIX--
Avoked 1 Harry potter and the Philosoper's stone fluffy is guarding something

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