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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
Rige 289 Golden Loves Guitar !!
tapdancingjudas 170 Dog loves guitar!
tapdancingjudas 170 'Guitar Playing Dog' toy poodle MOCHA / JPN
LoveAndDoubt 125 Damn, it feels good to be Archer.
Itchy_Craphole 78 A Day With Jub Jub
POCtrees 31 "Golden Loves Guitar"- Behind the Scenes
FokkenPrawns 25 Golden Loves Marketing !!
Archers_bane 14 Golden Retriever Puppy Listening To Me Play Guitar
off-season 13 Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta... Funny Dog
IrrationallyLogical 8 Golden Loves Guitar
reallyshadyguy 6 Watch: Seal learns to keep a disco beat
Aierou 4 Goldeen Loves Guitar Pokemon
Abroham 3 Hatebeak - The Thing that Should Not Beak
Itchy_Craphole 3 Jub Jub is everywhere you want to be...
natjo 3 Metallica - Nothing Else Matters Official Music Video
five_iron 3 Golden Loves Guitar - How to Play Tutorial
mydearwatson616 2 Derrick: Wink
penis_poop 2 Monkey Smells Finger and Falls Out of Tree
BoilerMaker11 1 Baby Givin the evil look!
peon47 1 11 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy's Guitar
falser 1 Debbie Downer Noise
Doctective 1 Twerking Cat - Funniest/Best Vines Jakari
Doctective 1 Cat Starts Twerking Again! - Funniest/Best Vines Piques
HumsWhileHe 1 The Office- Michael Scott No God No
protogenxl 1 Journey of Guitar Solo THE INSTRUMENTALS - Episode 1
Reelix 1 monkey smells finger
r0bski2 1 Dog Rap Showreel Attempt - The Translation
Buffalo__Buffalo 1 Blues Scootin' Bully
Heavy_Dink 1 Best Of Almost Heroes
EmilySHernandez3 1 Dog Confused By Ringtones
Ginjutsu 1 Mario Party 2 - Look Away
Upinhell2011 1 Super Furry Animals - Golden Retriever
david-saint-hubbins 1 Drew Arcoleo - The Break Up Single
Chronoecho 1 Beat Keeping in a California Sea Lion Ronan