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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
mocotazo 661 Screen Test: ROSS MARQUAND as Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey
GoldenDickLocks 332 Impress-A-Vention!
GoldenDickLocks 332 Simon Helberg Nicolas Cage impression
GoldenDickLocks 332 Impersonations by Kevin Spacey
bort_simpson 57 Letterman w/ Bill Hader 10/02/2008
bic_lighter 52 Howard Wolowitz's impressions of Nicolas Cage, Al Pacino and others.
Professor_Fuck 46 Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan Impressions on The Trip - Ep 2
goal2004 39 The Nicolas Cage Show
Goran1693 31 Simon Helberg Gets Possessed By Robin Williams - CONAN on TBS
Wolfson1 22 Aries Spears do remix Snoop Dogg.DMX.Jay-Z
ieatplaydough 20 Matt Damon on Letterman impersonates McConaughey
cstrat 15 Kevin Spacey amazing imitation
TeholtheOnly 14 I Jackie Chan! - Friday Night with Jonathan Ross - BBC One
SplashMortal 11 Amazing Morgan Freeman Impression plus 3 others
Tyler29294 11 David Andrew Brent - June 2013
willspring 11 Max Koch channels TONY SOPRANO NSFW
Transjenna 10 Nose Scene Total Recall
myfriendscantknow 10 Impressionist Jim Meskimen Does Shakespeare in Celebrity Voices
lawlsmagawls 8 K. Trevor Wilson - The Altdot Comedy Lounge - April 18, 2011
MarcHalberstam 8 Arma2 - UO - TVT23 - Who is Dr. Kimble?
dontlikeyouinthatway 7 James Gandolfini - The 60 Minutes Interview
gradles 6 How To Do The Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Impression
Mossenberger 5 Schwarzenegger- Interview: "War echt abnormal"
Mossenberger 5 Stephan Rossegger Sicherheitstips 2
ClintonHarvey 4 Michael Caine does Michael Caine
tonstergfx 3 The Best of Love/Hate's King Nidge Season 1
tonstergfx 3 Tom Vaughan-Lawlor's acceptance speech Best TV Actor IFTAs 2013
akatsukizero 3 Pablo Francisco - Arnold Schwarzenegger
AgentSQUiSh 3 Ventrilo Harassment - Duke Nukem
ClintonHarvey 3 Star Wars' Mark Hamill at Comic Con - a Original
AnasAbdin 2 I was elected to lead
Sartro 2 "Arnold Schwarzenegger" speaks with George Takei
darknemus 2 "All Due Respect" by Max Koch
mkdonald 2 David Andrew Brent - June 1st 2013
hshashi 1 David Brent - Simply the best - The Office - BBC
Yimmy2 1 Gedown! The Arnie Rap
ig0tworms 1 Max Koch channels TONY SOPRANO, Part V NSFW
gasfarmer 1 The Prince Edward Island Encyclopedia - Tourists
youlleatitandlikeit 1 Every Arnold Scream From Every Arnold Movie
papa82 1 D-Gen: Arnie talks about his moofies!
Tordenskrall 1 Christopher Walken Narrates Starcraft
Boner666420 1 Bob Ross Is Alive!
lvent 1 George Takei Pranked By Fake Arnold
lvent 1 Killer Schwarzenegger impression!
SuperAleste 1 Best Arnold Schwarznegger impression
SonOfAbba 1 The Late Show: Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview
Mousse_is_Optional 1 Excellent Arnold Schwarzenneger and Robert De Niro impressions
roweysvn 1 Simon Helberg does Robin Williams And Nicholas Cage 1
nomercyvideo 1 Celeb - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Turok1134 1 Arnold Impression
Yimmy2 1 Caleeeforneeeah Luv - Arnie Remix
judgezero -2 THIS IS SPARTA! Fixed

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