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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
KanadaKid19 17 Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop
Visigoth84 15 Iced Earth - Highway to Hell HIGH AUDIO QUALITY
Visigoth84 15 Mushroomhead - Solitaire Unraveling
Visigoth84 15 Chris Brown - Yeah 3x
Visigoth84 15 Avicii - Fade Into Darkness Official Music Video HD
Visigoth84 15 Metallica - It's Electric
Visigoth84 15 metallica - Helpless - Garage Days Re-Revisited
Visigoth84 15 Maroon 5 ft Wiz Khalifa Payphone Cutmore Remix
Visigoth84 15 Type O Negative - I Don't Wanna Be Me
Visigoth84 15 Type O Negative Highway Star
Visigoth84 15 Slayer - Bloodline
Visigoth84 15 Saliva- Raise Up
Visigoth84 15 Saliva - Click Click Boom
Visigoth84 15 Queens of the Stone Age - You think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I feel like a millionaire
Visigoth84 15 leeway - Unexpected
Visigoth84 15 David Guetta - Play Hard Official Video ft. Ne-Yo, Akon
Visigoth84 15 Leeway - Be Loud
Visigoth84 15 Killswitch Engage- This Fire Burns
Visigoth84 15 Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache Music Video
Visigoth84 15 Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies
Visigoth84 15 Hatebreed - Perseverance
Visigoth84 15 Live For This - Hatebreed
Visigoth84 15 Fear Factory - Zero Signal
Visigoth84 15 Drowning Pool - Sinner
Visigoth84 15 dope-debonaire
Visigoth84 15 Disciple - Invisible lyrics
Visigoth84 15 Taio Cruz - Dynamite
Visigoth84 15 Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me ft. David Guetta Official Music Video - Step Up 3D
ProfessorJive 13 Rocky IV - Hearts on Fire FULL extended version
Falkrik 11 Childish Gambino - Heartbeat Violin Cover
Awesomefaec 6 HUNGRY By Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard
n3verlose 5 Stand Out - A Goofy Movie Lyrics HD
n3verlose 5 Structures - At Lastt
n3verlose 5 Machinae Supremacy Through The Looking Glass lyrics
n3verlose 5 In flames - Only for the Weak HD
megustadotjpg 4 Turn It Down - Kaskade Le Castle Vania Remix
megustadotjpg 4 Best of Web - HD - Zapatou
OortoGeld 4 Manowar - Gods Of War
tubbyocharles 4 Speed Deadlifts and Attitude
TheShitAbyss 4 Hibria - Millenium Quest
TheShitAbyss 4 Amon Amarth - Father of the Wolf HD lyrics
TheShitAbyss 4 The Crown - Blitzkrieg Witchcraft
timmy_p 3 Escape The Fate-The Guillotine with lyrics
jscreamer 3 Freestylers - Cracks Ft. Belle Humble Flux Pavilion Remix
ManMadeMan 3 Kanye West - Stronger
outrage23 3 DragonForce - Cry Thunder HD Official Video
decatron 3 Pump Iron - Bob Couch Original
MellonToucher 2 Luke Million - Arnold OFFICIAL VIDEO
TimothyVdp 2 Kaskade - Lessons In Love Headhunterz Remix Official Video
TacticalAdvanceToThe 2 AWOLNATION - Sail Official
TacticalAdvanceToThe 2 AC/DC - Thunderstruck
TacticalAdvanceToThe 2 Accept - Balls To The Wall
TacticalAdvanceToThe 2 Judas Priest - Jawbreaker
TimothyVdp 2 Brennan Heart & Jonathan Mendelsohn - Imaginary
TimothyVdp 2 Just Blaze x Baauer - Higher
TimothyVdp 2 Skrillex & The Doors - Breakn' A Sweat Zedd Remix
Djent_Reznor 2 Float Face Down "Exitium Verum"
Accidental_Sex 2 P.O.S. - P.O.S. Is Ruining My Life
Chinaskisgirl 2 Manowar - Warriors of the World HD
chucknutting4210 1 Slipknot-Only one
Dokandre 1 Five Finger Death Punch - "Lift Me Up" featuring Rob Halford of Judas Priest Lyric Video
Rz3 1 Napoleon - What We See
WallaceGrover 1 Khia - Lick me Dry NEW SONG 2012 / HD / HQ
robby_stark 1 amon amarth - under the northern star
omgIwantazebra 1 Rammstein - Links 2 3 4 Official Video
Sgt_peppers 1 Sabaton - Twilight of the thunder god cover
Drgntrnr 1 Mastodon - Hearts Alive full studio version
PAPaddy 1 Metallica Breadfan
Koovin 1 Accidents HQ HD with lyrics - Alexisonfire
Ants236 1 Lord Vital - Beastmode
Koovin 1 Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle Explicit

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Hell ya, thats a playlist!

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If someone made a grooveshark playlist of these, that would be AWESOME.

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Sweet. Great songs!

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Nice, now I will spend hours tryin to get alll this music :( jk thanks a lot

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Looks like I have some songs to rip from YouTube.