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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
Acidyo 70 Road rage fight with a surprising ending
AXUM9 51 Who knew Georges Laraque was so nice!
IBleedTeal 49 Joe Thornton vs Jamie Benn Feb 23, 2013
Laetha 29 Todd Bertuzzi punch Steve Moore Incident HD
IBleedTeal 24 Goon Official Trailer #1 - Seann William Scott Movie 2012 HD
IBleedTeal 23 Jason Spezza's Nerdy Laugh
IJIrving 23 Marty McSorley Slashes Donald Brashear in the Face
ayatollah77 18 Sidney Crosby gets a puck in the face vs Islanders - NHL 30/3/13
djw666 11 Winnipeg Jets fans chant "Parros' Mustache!"
AwesomeOrca 10 Top 10 Goalies Fight Of All Time
AwesomeOrca 10 Goalie Fights
omegaaf 4 Ottawa Senators vs Buffalo Sabres: Huge Hockey Fight
caboose11 4 Best Hockey Fight Ever Francis Lessard Vs Sebastien Laferriere
LEMON_PARTY_ANIMAL 4 There ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party
AXUM9 4 Maxim Yeprev vs Jon Mirasty
gasfarmer 3 Phaneuf levels Olesz
gasfarmer 3 Gregory Campbell hard core after slapshot to leg . 6/5/13 Pittsburgh Penguins vs Boston Bruins NHL
gasfarmer 3 Jay Beagle vs Arron Asham Oct 13, 2011
gasfarmer 3 Лучшие бои сезона 2012/2013 в КХЛ / KHL Top-10 fights of 2012/2013 season
appleton_in_my_glass 3 Worst NHL Hits Ever
Yaki304 2 Daniel Alfredsson shoots the puck on Niedermayer
Yaki304 2 Tie Domi/Scott Niedermayer incident - 2001 playoffs
xXDrnknPirateXx 2 Colorado Avalanche Detroit Red Wings brawl and fights 1997 part 2
xXDrnknPirateXx 2 Colorado Avalanche Detroit Red Wings brawl and fights 1997 part 1
ArguablyTasty 2 Semin fights M. Staal - first slap fight in NHL history
xXDrnknPirateXx 2 November 11, 1997 - McCarty Vs Lemieux
Lavagasm 2 Vintage March 5th, 2004 Ottawa Senators vs Philadelphia Flyers "The Brawl"
Yaki304 2 New York Islanders vs. Pittsburgh Penguins: All out Brawl 2-11-11
WarOtter 2 Borderlands 2 - Mr. Torgue Quotes
Yaki304 2 Chris Simon Stomp
Moklok 2 Carey Price gets a skate in the face and brings his tooth to the bench . May 3, 2013
Yaki304 2 Duncan Keith slashes Jeff Carter in the face . June 4, 2013
Yaki304 2 Chris Simon Cheapshot
Yaki304 2 Anaheim vs Dallas Ludwig elbows Selanne & 2 Back to Back Brawls
SeriousBread 1 Metal Gear Solid 4 - Final Boss
Banh_mi 1 George Laraque Fight
sqrt-1loveyou 1 Jay Onrait - Best of BOBROVSKY!
gasfarmer 1 Bruins-Leafs Game 7 2013 NESN Highlights 5/13/13
talkinghead87 1 Soccer vs hockey!! =
TransAlta 1 Craig Coxe vs Bob Probert Nov 19, 1987
TheMightySloth 1 AFL Highlights - Biggest Hits, Bumps, Tackles and Punches HD
gasfarmer 1 Dion Phaneuf destroys Michael Sauer & Dions dad's reaction - priceless!