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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
Alphaasfuck69 22 D12 American Psycho 2 Instrumental DL
Dafter07 14 Seinfeld Theme
Nihilius 6 Grand Theft Auto V Official Theme Song
macstar95 3 None Shall Pass Instrumental - Aesop Rock
HYPERRRR 3 The small faces - Ogdens' nut gone flakeGTA V trailer
Jon46 3 Gucci Mane - All About The Money Instrumental
Odusei 2 Kavinsky- Wayfarer
NateNoki 2 Blondie - Atomic Official Instrumental w/backing vocals
scruff91 2 Breakbot Heroes Mix HQ
Vepps 1 Michael Hunter - L.S Mob Long Version
nesir 1 Lloyd Banks - Beamer Benz or Bentley Instrumental
banloosewalls 1 Trap House 3 Instrumental - Gucci Mane feat. Rick Ross
Bazpinger 1 The xx - Intro 10 Hours
hurrikane_arx 1 Tyga - Switch Lanes
LightKiosk 1 Camp Lo - Coolie High Original Instrumental 1995
alkemiztdesigns 1 Hucci & Stooki Sound - Ball So Hard
LightKiosk 1 Camp Lo - Luchini aka This Is It Instrumental 1996 HQ
PinkFloydJoe 1 Frankenstein - The Edgar Winter Group 1972
wrenculp 1 Jay-Z - The Watcher 2 Instrumental
HYPERRRR 1 The Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake
mackollas 1 Star Wars Theme Song By John Williams
belgyyy 1 Marilyn Manson - If I Was Your Vampire Instrumental
soundhaudegen 1 Aesop Rock - Cycles To Gehenna Instrumental READ DESCRIPTION
falout310 0 Nipsey Hussle - The Hussle Way Instrumental
falout310 0 Nipsey Hussle - Smoking With My Stylist Official Instrumental
falout310 0 Nipsey Hussle - Forever on some Fly Shit TMC Instrumentals D/Link
Yosonimbored -4 Daft Punk - Get Lucky Official Audio ft. Pharrell Williams