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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
Nansai 63 Batman Singing Am I Blue
IamDa5id 54 IRON GIANT Vin Diesel Voice Over
dutchct 38 Soldier Singing Rihanna Stay Cover
bschmalz81401 32 Vin Diesel Sings
ohheyyouagain 27 Vin Diesel singing Stay by Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko Vin D's cover at Valentines Day 14.02.2013
notgayinathreeway 20 Multi Facial-vin diesel online
dromoe 9 Stay - Rihanna Cover
semma_bemma 8 The Iron Giant 9/10 Movie CLIP - Superman 1999 HD
yodelingjesus 7 Find Me Guilty - Trailer
CitadelSaint 7 Johnny Cash Hurt
wellregulatedmilitia 5 Majesty - Madrugada
Char1ie-Br0wn71 5 Vin Diesel break dancing
witty_user_ID 4 The Cranberries - Zombie
ikosheen2 3 Rihanna - Stay ft. Mikky Ekko Cover by Alaa Wardi
Kinxs 2 Crash Test Dummies - MMM MMM MMM MMM Official Music Video
sgtcouchpotato 2 The Fast and the Furious - Dominic Toretto
Compumerk 2 Rihanna - Stay Feat. Mikky Ekko live @ Grammy 2013
zoobaby 2 Bliss and Heaven
deflective 2 Rihanna - Diamonds Cover by Steam Powered Giraffe
BuckeyeBentley 2 Tom Waits - Martha album version
Youre_Government 2 Stevie Ray Vaughan-Pride And Joy
Octopus_Tetris 2 Inhale Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6
germfreequatchi 2 Bon Iver - Skinny Love
RAWRbecca 2 Vin Diesel on Helium
Chempy 1 The National - Green Gloves
thgingerbreadman 1 Vin Diesel Breakdance
banal_grape 1 Fast and Furious 7 American Dad
CalistaF 1 Louis Armstrong - It's a Wonderful World
banal_grape 1 American Dad clip Fast and Furious
CptSquiggle 1 Rihanna - "Stay" Cover by Our Last Night
LeRedditSwag 1 Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon with lyrics
TheDonegalSon 1 Total Sploosh