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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
RedbullThief 348 Kollektivet: Music video - Don't be slappin' my penis
Guenhy 299 Red Fox Sounds
GHETTOPC 92 The YES dance
HrOrm 90 Ylvis - Kjempeform musikkvideo Orginal
Johssy 81 Kollektivet: Music Video - ÆØÅ Size Matters
I_am_Norwegian 57 Ylvis - Jan Egeland Official music video HD
MirrorLake 46 Early morning madness with Scout the Fennec Fox
TwOnEight 39 Kollektivet: Music Video - I wanna be the little spoon
ceresbrew 38 Ylvis - Stonehenge OFFICIAL VIDEO HD
squarna 37 Stonehenge - Ylvis OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO FULL HD - YouTube
chas11man 36 Arrested Development - Chicken Dance Whole Family
DorxMacDerp 12 Ylvis - Janym Жаным Official music video HD
Lundix 12 Kollektivet: Musikkvideo - «Hold kjeften på deg»
ChristofferOslo 12 Kollektivet: Music Video - I can't get erection from the election
mvtrinh 9 Work It - Ylvis FULL HD OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
Rum_Pirate_SC 8 Kevie sings a pretty song
Spoonyknife 8 Kollektivet: Music Video - Quality Time
BreadCollision 7 Sandhill Crane Call
OMGLX 5 chaos reigns
Yst 4 barking rabbit
vintermann 2 I kveld med Ylvis - Speed date in Holland pretending to speak Dutch.
archpope 2 Tomak And Bellgarde The Two Foreign Guys
FrozenPhotons 2 Redd Foxx - Fart Jokes
Futski 1 Kaizers Orchestra - Ompa Til Du Dør
Futski 1 Kaizers Orchestra - En for orgelet, en for meg
Gabrielsen 1 Funny Japanese Game Show - Human Tetris Hole In The Wall
Tyelander 1 Kollektivet: Music Video - "That Guy"
PoVaL 1 PULCINO PIO - Het Kuikentje Piep Official
turdodine 1 Stewies european see and say
AshuraSpeakman 1 C & C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat Deejay gu Flash House anos 80, 90 -
Tardis79 1 Ylvis - Someone Like Me Official music video HD
MagnusTheGreat 1 Dont be slappin my penis - Musicvideo UNOFFICIAL - KOLLEKTIVET TV2
budtske 1 Let's do the fork in the garbage disposal ! ! !
JoblessTerence 1 Road Trip Salmon Song
saintjeremy 0 Portlandia s01e02 - Cacao bit
ChubakasBush 0 Bruce Almighty Cow
horakhti 0 Wiley - Wearing My Rolex Official Music Video
sufi633 0 Fantastic Mr Fox - Trademark Whistle
7TonRobot 0 Fox Calls
MyHandRapesMe 0 Andy Kaufman's Animalsong
mantra 0 Elevator prank - The Intelevator #1 HD I kveld med Ylvis
eqrunner 0 THePETEBOX Future Loops - Panther Dance - Beatbox Loop Pedal
stroud 0 OH MY GOD - The worst music video in the world
-Stoop-Kid- 0 David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia
verik 0 Chuckles the Red Fox
apdanklol 0 Master Tang - Animal song
len0re 0 Fisher Cat Sounds
-Stoop-Kid- 0 Ylvis - The Fox Official music video HD
Zatain 0 Kollektivet: Music Video - I Just Got Paid
gentlejester42 -1 I'm on a Boat Feat. Anchorman
RaybanDK -1 Ylvis - Nations of the World music video
InternetsUser -1 The Mighty Boosh Mod Wolves Song
TaytoCrisps -1 The Rubberbandits - Spastic Hawk
slobad009 -3 Zedd - Clarity Official Video ft. Foxes
Dragen_NG -52 Norges nasjonalsang: Ja, vi elsker dette landet