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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
winglock 36 Daniel Carter - Amazing Kick
tchiseen 29 Bryan Habana - The fastest man in rugby
JohnnyDollar 27 MICHAEL BATES
paranoidkiwie 27 Kickalicious™
picking_kuppies 25 Most Entertaining 3 Minutes of Rugby Ever Highlanders vs Chiefs- Tim Nanai Williams Try
crunchymush 22 Johnathan Thurston Amazing Conversion
alexisblunted 12 Jeff Demps Highlights
ColonelSanders21 9 Ketchupbot + 20th Century Fox Theme on a Flute
wiapoj 8 The Best of Jonah Lomu MUST SEE!! Part 1
has_six_fingers 7 Sports Science: A Sumo Goalie
MinistryofPain 6 Habana being left for dead
gotobedsleepyhead 6 The Best of Joe Rokocoko HD
sitdownstandup 6 Jeff Demps- Pure Speed 84 yd TD against Kentucky HD
gotobedsleepyhead 6 Jonah Lomu Highlights 1994-2002
lilkobes08 5 Carlin Isles. Olympic Dream
Russell_Jimmy 4 Kenny Johnson Hits Renaldo Nehemiah
myWittyUserName 4 Jiskefet - English Sport
AreGee0431 2 Jeff Demps Highlights Fastest Football Player In History Of The Game
SquirM87 2 IRB REFEREE DVD #4 Scrum Engagement Sequence
Bonediddly 2 Wu Wu Wu, Kenny Wu!
doublething1 2 sports science rugby vs american football
dcass 1 rugby girls rules
thebeardfish 1 Best running seen in the longest yard
Foveaux 1 William Ryder Highlights
NoIreForYou 1 Zee Ngwenya hatrick vs Gloucester
thatoneirishmate 1 Babes Demonstrate the Rules to Rugby
hateitorleaveit 1 Mark Fisher, Middle Tennessee State, Offensive Lineman, Pro Day
sometimesijustdont 1 Trindon Holliday
sometimesijustdont 1 Trindon Holliday Preseason Highlights 2012
argon5000 1 Byron Pickett roflpwns Rhett Biglands
argon5000 1 AFL Top Ten Bumps of 2003
wildtabeast 1 Big Hits Rugby Union 2012
SquirM87 1 Sports Science: The Science of the Scrum
TxRugger 1 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2013 Cup Semi Final -- Fiji VS New Zealand
TxRugger 1 Rugby 101
Justice-Solforge 1 The Fastest Man in Rugby: Carlin Isles Grantland Channel
ChipChase 1 All Blacks vs Wallabies 1st Bledisloe Test 2013
locriology 1 Trindon Holliday 76 Yard Return TD That Shouldn't Have Counted
Freddie_AppsHero 0 Rugby Biggest Hits of the Decade