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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
Wasja90 281 Elektriker Horst - Die 5 Sicherheitsregeln
vindolin 96 Bush Pilot with English subtitles
ssSlinky 64 Funny ad - Woman Massage worst job in the world - 2nd part
xLuky 37 Don't Copy That Floppy Official Video - Digitally Remastered
CaptDrunkenstein 14 Don't Copy That 2 Official Sequel to Don't Copy That Floppy
fracfar 14 Fork Lift Driver Klause - English Dub
hawkek 12 Elektriker Horst - Die 5 Sicherheitsregeln
Trust_Me_Im_A_Whale 8 The Spirit Of Dark And Lonely Water Public Information Film 1973
AndrewP7 6 Spinning Forklift Showoff FAIL!
orbitalia 3 Play safe - Frisbee. Public Information Film. Power Station. Jimmy. PIF UK.
milikom 3 Staplerfahrer Klaus - End Credits Theme
Looper101 2 Simpsons Crash Test Dummie
mike8902 2 Monty Python - Salad Days
McG4rn4gle 2 Forklift Driver Klaus English Subtitles
Republiken 2 Forklift Accident
picard001 2 Warship vs Big Waves
chiniwini 1 Surviving Edged Weapons
Xenu_RulerofUniverse 1 Truck driver crushed to death by 4t container due to forklift operator's mistake
hextree 1 Think About This - Safety Video
deadbird17 1 Beautiful brunette victim of gory burning accident
binded 1 Will you be here tomorrow? Você estará aqui amanhã?
Supermoves3000 1 Bud Light Commercial - Conan O'Brien Swedish
deadbird17 1 WSIB Safety Ad
deadbird17 1 WSIB Safety Ad
mjrpes 1 Sexual Harassment Funny
whatusernameisntalre 1 Shake Hands with Danger 1970
ZuFFuLuZ 1 Warum liegt hier überhaupt Stroh rum -ORIGINAL-
KCandJelly84 1 Workplace Accidents - All 5 Ads
Historyguy1 1 He Tried to Kill Me With a Forklift