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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
thisismyusernam 8 Lebron James defense on Pau Gasol
qdc261 6 Kobe Bryant Lockdown Perimeter Defense
XbanditX 4 Gary Payton Guards Michael Jordan 26pts '96 Finals, Game 5
sukisukisuki 4 Jimmy Butler Kobe Stopper Bulls vs. Lakers Jan. 21 2013
x102239402 3 2012 NBA Playoffs - Thabo Sefolosha's Career Night
10blast 3 Chuck Hayes shuts down Amar'e Stoudemire
shotgunnoblitz 2 Sonics' Defense on Michael Jordan 1996 NBA Finals
capomic 2 02-28-2010 - Nuggets vs. Lakers - Ron Artest Tough Defense On Carmelo Anthony HD
UncleRaukus 2 PJ Tucker's Good Defense on LeBron James vs Heat
StolenExitSign 2 Shane Battier's defense on Kobe Bryant 2009 playoffs
McFister 1 BB Artest's Defense vs Durant 720HD
GMCSierraDenali 1 Kobe Bryant good defense on Kyrie Irving Cavs-Lakers 12-11-12
Guanacos 1 Tony Allen pulls the chair on Kevin Durant
DrSly 1 Michael Jordan Lesson Defense
BLUE_PIG 1 Roy's best D ever in late game to shut down Joe Johnson!!!
TheAnonymousUsername 1 Metta World Peace with the amazing hustle defense 1/6/13
McFister 1 Ron Artest Shuts Down Carmello Anthony
GMCSierraDenali 1 Kobe Bryant Sticks Russell Westbrook
Paging_Dr_Chloroform 1 Kobe Lockdown Defense On Terry For One Possession Vs Mavericks 3-15-09
TheAnonymousUsername 1 Avery Bradley - The Defensive Phenomenon HD
GMCSierraDenali 1 Kobe Bryant Lockdown Defense on D-Wade HD
tua93616 1 Kobe Bryant blocks LeBron James twice in 2013 Allstar MJ said it, Kobe Proves it, LeBron crying
dalilama711 1 Kyrie Irving 40 points vs Celtics - Full Highlights 2013.01.22
mtblackman 1 Sefolosha picks Wade, then reverse dunks on him June 17, 2012
MarioTheGOATChalmers 0 Norris Cole Game Saving Steal On Kyrie Irving Apr 15 2013
Pazians -1 Lebron James 2011-2012 NBA Playoffs Defensive Plays