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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
Seyffenstein 223 Unbelievable Black Belt Demonstration MUST WATCH!
lurking_good 74 Really Bad Try-Outs For A Karate Movie
pm079 48 Black Belt Test SFII Edition
Highandaimless 48 British Martial Arts
Warstomp 30 Kiai Master vs MMA
Warstomp 30 Kiai Master vs MMA「柳 龍拳 合気達人」対戦結果:探偵ファイル
Achalemoipas 25 The Karate Rap
Perplexed_Porpoise 20 Amazing 6 year old prodigy doing Karate Kata.
ufocat 19 BJJ Vs Kung Fu, Judo, Kenpo Karate & Hapkido. Original quality
TheInquiringSpaniard 14 Kip Gets Owned
NfinityPlusOne 12 Mike Dealy free styling in Brooklyn,NY
IdTapThat88 11 Cartman vs. psychics
Frankeh 5 Corporal Jones' Rambling Stories 2
NDNguitarguy 5 Joe Rogan Podcast With Bas Rutten Talking About Fake Martial Arts People
NDNguitarguy 5 Draculino BJJ - Provoking a Giant - Part 2 : Ball Grabbers
NDNguitarguy 5 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Eye Gouging and the Power of Position
Throwawaychica 4 Tae Kwon Do Little kids epic battle
insomnia_accountant 3 Taekwondo Back Kick Tutorial taekwonwoo 태권도 뒤차기 레슨
Pseudonova 3 Two Kids Fighting Taekwondo
nodirlola 2 Diemon Dave Ninja School
Scrilla 1 Heian Yondan - Shotokan Karate
mr_chris1287 1 Indiana Jones : Sword vs. Gun
MrDannyOcean 1 Joe Rogan teaches Georges St Pierre the turning side kick FULL VERSION
legumee 1 The Office: Dwight's Martial Arts Skills
TheAtomicOption 1 Belgium vs Japan
zep_man 1 Double Leg Takedown Heavyweight
zep_man 1 Double leg ride with head lock, arched
patio87 1 нокауты Киокушин карате - knockout Kyokushin karate
halfcookies 1 want me to show you tough?!
anal_cyst 1 Parappa The Rappa - Chop Chop Master Onion
coinbird1 1 Penn and Teller Bullfuck: Martial Arts Part1 2
Graphic-J 1 Super Funny !Two Kids Taekwondo Danceing Duel O∩_∩O
BenwithacapitalB 1 Karate Demonstration
thefunkymonkie 1 C64 Longplay - International Karate
Hobo-With-A-Shotgun 1 Chris Cray winning senior mens semi-final, Wigan
normatork 1 KYOKUSHIN KNOCKOUTS 8th World Open Karate Tournament pt.1
normatork 1 Karate kyokushin kata pinan sono 1,2,3,4,5
gogoplatypunk 1 CHALLENGE MATCH 3 - CASE STUDY 2 - LEVEL 4 - 268 LBS BOXER
ufocat 1 Jon Jones breaks his toe at UFC 159
Naly_D 1 Jimeoin - Microphones, Pointing At Tractors
TheAtomicOption 1 5th Degree Black Belt Test

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Mike Dealy and the "Unbelievable black belt" videos are the ones that belong to original video (same people).

Mike Dealy one is my favorite because it looks like what an untrained old man would do if fighting a bunch of people. Flail around widely.

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268 pounds ≈ 121.56 kg