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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
BoozeBlues 78 The St. Patrick's Day Massacre
BoozeBlues 78 Detroit Red Wings-St Louis Blues brawl Mar 29, 2003
BoozeBlues 78 Joe Thornton hits David Perron; Logan Couture vs Alex Pietrangelo Nov 4, 2010
BoozeBlues 78 Brawl end of game. San Jose Sharks vs St. Louis Blues 4/14/12 NHL Hockey
BoozeBlues 78 St.Louis Blues 2012-2013 Goal Horn HD
BoozeBlues 78 Blues Power Play Dance - Even Worse
BoozeBlues 45 Alex Pietrangelo OT winner 11/23/11
BoozeBlues 45 Red Wings @ Blues 01/19/13
BoozeBlues 45 Hockey's Finest - David Backes
BoozeBlues 45 Jonathan Toews vs David Backes Jan 2, 2010 - Blues feed
BoozeBlues 45 The Monday Night Miracle 1986 BLUES 6-5 FLAMES
BoozeBlues 45 Greatest NHL comeback-St.louis Blues vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
BoozeBlues 45 TJ Oshie Highlight Hit Reel
BoozeBlues 45 Tony Twist - Unleash the Demon
BoozeBlues 45 BERNIE FEDERKO - Enshrinement Highlight Video
BoozeBlues 45 Halak Keeps Blues Alive 1/20/11
BoozeBlues 45 Brad Staubitz vs Ryan Reaves Jan 14, 2012
BoozeBlues 45 Jake Allen robs TJ Brodie Feb 15 2013 St. Louis Blues vs Calgary Flames NHL Hockey.
BoozeBlues 45 Liut and Petterson OWN the Wings.
BoozeBlues 45 Brett Hull 50th Goal In 50 Games
BoozeBlues 45 Tkachuk says goodbye
BoozeBlues 45 Al MacInnis Slapshot Goals Compilation
BoozeBlues 45 Fred Cusick's original call of Bobby Orr's goal 5/10/1970
Silversol99 13 Steve Yzerman Game 7 Double Overtime Goal
KickapooPonies 11 Alexander Steen OT Goal Game 1 - Blues vs Kings 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs
spoonyfork 4 History Will Be Made - Steve Yzerman
OrangeEyedPs 3 Chris Pronger's eye gets destroyed HD
wiseaus_stunt_double 2 LA Kings - Cartman Sings the Blues March 5, 2013
spark_ 1 Alex Pietrangelo Slap Shot Ties Game 5/8/13
cobolNoFun 1 Tony Twist flattens Marcus Ragnarsson
ShadowChair 1 Dustin Penner buzzer beater goal 2-1 May 10 2013 St. Louis Blues vs LA Kings NHL Hockey
goalstopper28 1 History Will Be Made - Bobby Orr
spark_ 1 T.J. Oshie leaves Backes a sure goal 4/14/12