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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
lakerswiz 102 Kobe Bryant Footwork HD
lakerswiz 102 Kobe Bryant. Left Handed. Grizzlies @ Lakers 3/25/2012
lakerswiz 102 Watch All of Kobe's 81 Points in 3 Minutes
lakerswiz 102 Kobe's crazy 3 & Kareem impersonation!
lakerswiz 102 Kobe Bryant Amazing Hook Shot
lakerswiz 102 Kobe Bryant Hook Shot Vs Mavs
lakerswiz 102 Kobe Crazy Half Court Shot
lakerswiz 102 Kobe Bryant best passes mix
lakerswiz 102 Kobe Bryant-"Left Handed Buzzer BeaterRARE" HD
lakerswiz 102 Kobe Bryant Left Hand Three Point. Rare
lakerswiz 102 Kobe Bryant- Crossovers & Quick Moves Ankle Insurance
lakerswiz 102 UPDATED All Kobe Bryant Game Winners 28 total
lakerswiz 102 Kobe Bryant Greatest Layups, Part I
lakerswiz 102 Kobe Bryant 45 Points NBA Record 12 Three-Pointers vs Seattle Super Sonics - Highlights 07/01/2003
lakerswiz 102 Kobe Bryant spin move
brawnkowsky 6 Kevin McHale - Scoring Skills
BobRainicorn 5 The Big O Opening/Intro Theme 720p
letsgolakers24 5 Kobe Bryant Game Winning Buzzer Beater Against Sacramento Kings
ddkim71 4 Kobe Bryant sick pass to Turiaf vs the Warriors 03-23-08 HD
ddkim71 4 Kobe Bryant 65 points vs Blazers 2006-07 Baseline 3, GT shot
ddkim71 4 Kobe Bryant greatest games: 50pts at Clippers - 40 in 2nd half
ddkim71 4 kobe crazy fadeaway three at dallas
ddkim71 4 Kobe Bryant vs GSW Golden State Warriors Lakers 98-99 1999
ddkim71 4 Kobe Bryant greatest games: 46pts at Madison Square Garden vs Knicks
ddkim71 4 Kobe bryant burned LeBron.
ddkim71 4 Kobe old schooling lebron!!
ddkim71 4 Kobe Bryant hits 3 CLUTCH three-pointers vs. Raptors Lakers broadcast
ddkim71 4 Kobe Bryant crossover Kirilenko
ddkim71 4 ipod nano Kobe Bryant AMAZING Spinning Fade Away Jump Shot vs Pistons
ddkim71 4 Kobe takes over 4th quarter against Hornets
ddkim71 4 Kobe Bryant Incredible Game Tying + Game Winning Shots vs Portland
BobRainicorn 1 Tommy Heinsohn - Highlights
BobRainicorn 1 "The Best" Bob Cousy Mix
BlackenBlueShit 1 RARE! LeBron James on fire @ Milwaukee, 7 3-pointers included here, original broadcast!
BobRainicorn 1 The Greatness of Elgin Baylor v1.1