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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
gavin_volure 87 Camron Vs O'Reily
rohansrinivasan 32 Tyler The Creator Interview 2013
white_negro 26 Schoolboy Q Crashes ASAP Rocky Interview HD part 1
ImMrZeds 25 Drinking Lean, Video Games and Robocop - Danny Brown x Mike Skinner Back & Forth Part 4 of 4
ImMrZeds 25 Macklemore Speaks on Drug and Alcohol Addiction on #Swayinthemorning
ImMrZeds 25 Peter Rosenberg vs Earl Sweatshirt Round 2 feat. Domo
getitlitkid 20 Danny Brown - Over / Under
no_blankets_son 16 Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa Funniest Interview
Jay_Hova 15 Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane Get Wilbert L. Cooper Too Turnt Up! - Noisey Raps - Episode 3
ekabnekaw 8 Best of Ol' Dirty Bastard - Tribute to ODB NSFW
VinylCountdownXVII 6 Lemieux on You - A$AP Rocky
Chip_Hazard 4 Mac Miller at The Breakfast Club - Power 105.1
TVninja 3 RiFF RAFF gets Cozy and Freestyles - Selector
masterminder 2 Webbie at The Breakfast Club - Power 105.1
ablok 2 Bone Thugs N Harmony-interview
masterminder 2 Riff Raff - Interview - FADER TV
masterminder 2 Riff Raff: Eva Mendes Saw Me Naked - Intimate Interview
mproc 2 Das Racist Discuss Their First Favorite Beat - Selector
th0sim 2 Jay-Z On David Letterman Letterman
codytownshend 1 Frank Ocean, nominee for Album of the Year/Best new Artist: Grammy Awards
sansibar-sans-bar 1 The Art of Rap and UK Grime - Danny Brown x Mike Skinner - Back & Forth - Episode 10 - Part 3/4
Borbio 1 Ween - I'm Waving My Dick in The Wind
warriorx559 1 J. Cole at The Breakfast Club - Power 105.1
idbonescully 1 Ol Dirty Bastard Pickin Up Food Stamps In A Limo
Izzy7s7 1 Beastie Boys - Funny Interview LONG VERSION MTV News 1515
Izzy7s7 1 Beastie Boys Interview: June 9, 2004 Las Vegas, NV
gothgirl420666 1 Lil Wayne For President
appleflavouredcider 1 Ol'_Dirty_Bastard funny must see!!!.
BobbyBeanBags 1 Eminem on the Jimmy Kimmel show