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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
WiscDC 201 Alaska Nanooks 2010 Hockey Intro - HIGH QUALITY
WiscDC 201 Chicago Wolves Intro 3/17/13
MrSlipp 73 St. Louis Blues Power Play Dance
tboutcher 33 Boston @ Montreal game 3 intro fire on ice
stupid_mans_idiot 29 Chicago Bulls Players' Introduction
kurpit 8 UAF Nanook Hockey Open 07-08 "Highway to the Danger Zone"
kurpit 8 UAF Nanook Hockey Open 06-07 vs. Miami Redhawks
Lindkvist15 7 Luleå Hockey intro 2011/2012 Playoffs
MrNillows 7 New NHL Tampa Bay Lightning Tesla Coil Goal Horn 2012 BeTheThunder
BigCat72 6 Dropping the Shark head, playoff style
stacecom 6 Colin's Bear Animation
el_teacheroo 5 Ottawa Senators Spartan Introduction
JoeDaddio 4 Burn Wild Wing
888800008 4 HOCKEY HOOLIGANS SWEDEN- TIFO Nov 4th Stockholm Derby AIK vs DIF
penguimgr 3 Penguin Parade at the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
dragonblade629 3 FAU 2012 FOOTBALL INTRO
HLef 2 The Shockmaster Debut
dingle_fritzer 2 ultrAslan welcome to hell Europe !
Squeakopotamus 2 Lech Cup 2009 U-11 - Supporters Lech Poznań
MushroomLizard 2 EP 08: Sea Dogs Vs Shawinigan Flames Night / Starting Line up
WoozleWuzzle 2 LA Kings Castle
deKay89 1 Einlauf der Kölner Haie in die Lanxess Arena vor dem Spiel KEC vs. Ingolstadt 16.09.2011
fatcolin123 1 Legendary Chicago Bulls Intro
Vezina 1 NHL 98 Intro
dvanderl 1 Gopher Men's Hockey OFFICIAL 2012-13 INTRO VIDEO
sharkterritory 1 San Jose Sharks Pre-Game Intro
GunnarStahl 1 Ray Lewis Dance
lakeeriezombie 1 Lake Erie Monsters 2011-2012 Opening Night Intro HD
WiscDC 1 PowerPlay.MPG
dvanderl 1 Michigan Hockey Intro 2011-12
Silidon 1 SPINE TINGLING!! NZ All Black Haka - Kapa O Pango
WiscDC 1 Bears - Beets - Battlestar Galactica
fmodig 1 Luleå Hockey - Intro "Behind the scenes" Nr: 2
garantie 1 Ron Burgundy - That Doesn't Make Sense
livejamie 1 George Bush on Global Warming - Spoof by Will Ferrell
dvanderl 1 HNIC Opening Intro - Imagine Dragons "Demons" Detroit Red Wings Vs Chicago Blackhawks. May 25th 2013