Pixar's 12 most brilliant moments (yet) (desli.de)

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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
duun 579 Remy Cooks Ratatouille
duun 579 Incinerator Toy story 3
duun 579 ending monsters inc
duun 579 FINDING NEMO 3D Clip - 'The EAC'
duun 579 FINDING NEMO 3D Clip - 'Exit Buddy'
duun 579 Ratatouille Ego's Review
duun 579 UP pixar's animation Carl n Ellie married life HD
duun 579 Toy story3-Ending..
duun 579 Toy Story 3 Sad Ending
100011101011 157 Favorite Scenes: The Incredibles
duun 88 Toy story 3 - "Thanks Guys"
duun 88 Toy Story 3 - The Furnace
DJK1413 73 The Incredibles - buddy spiked
49erboy 17 Up - The photo album scene "Thanks for the Adventure"
Iamthetophergopher 8 Pixar's "Toy Story 3" + Lost Along the Way = Even MORE Epic Sadness
Iamthetophergopher 8 Pixar's "Up" + Dead Island = Epic Sadness
ClockworkChristmas 6 A Brief Scene from The Incredibles
Lecard 5 Franklin - My Name is Judge part 1
BigRedPillow 1 WALL-E Spacewalk Define Dancing
BigRedPillow 1 The Incredibles on Blu-ray: "Convincing Edna" - Clip
BigRedPillow 1 Inspiring flicbits - To infinity and beyond
BigRedPillow 1 Toy Story 2: When Somebody Loved Me.
BigRedPillow 1 None
BigRedPillow 1 Finding Nemo - EAC Scene turtles
BigRedPillow 1 None
BigRedPillow 1 Ratatouille final taste
BigRedPillow 1 Dash Chase Scene
BigRedPillow 1 Disney Pixar Up - Married Life - Carl & Ellie by Michael Giacchino - The cut from BluRay disc
DivineRobot 1 "The Story of Lotso" from Toy Story 3
BigRedPillow 1 None
WinstonSmith2084 1 Ratatouille - Anton Ego speech
danbigglesworth 1 Disney Cars The Hornet Hudson Run AMAZING!! Fabulous Music
Norme98 1 Up: Love Story
thefullpython 1 Finding Nemo - Nemo Egg Scene
Mr_Walter_Sobchak 1 Danny Boyle talks about a "Pixarification of movies"
Lunatic14 1 A Bug's Life - ''Then they ALL might stand up to us''