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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
tokuturfey 157 Steven Seagal Lightning Bolt Energy Drink Advert 1
ToothGnasher 23 Steven Seagal on Merv Griffin
Blumpkinsworth 21 Steven Seagal Runs Like a Girl
Jim_my 19 Phoebe running style
thevideoclown 19 ARiZONA_ Sheriff Rolls Through A House In A Tank To Bust Up Cock Fights... ViAGRA MUCH??
Sportyboard 19 How To Install iOS 7
-harry- 11 Fresh Off The Boat With Eddie Huang: Back in Taiwan Part 1/3
the_fake_banksy 8 Steven Seagal - solo #1
foxdye22 6 Steven Seagal feat. Lady Saw - Strut
escher123 4 Wiz Khalifa gets asked a gay question and reacts funny
I_live_in_a_trashcan 3 Madtv Will Sasso as Steven Seagal
jhascal23 2 Mad TV Steven Seagal
sticksittoyou 1 Worst Movie Scenes of All Time: Episode 1
TheBloodening 1 Fake Aikido Master vs MMA
Jakex203 1 Joe Rogan talks about Steven Seagal getting choked out by Gene Lebell
aarongunk 1 AlwaysBeRandom & AaronGunk - Random Video 6 CHUBBY BUNNY special
youareagoon 1 Howard Stern on Steven Seagal 19/11/2009
ENRICOs 1 Стивен Сигал -Танца - Steven Seagal .Chechen dancing.
halalalackabomb 1 TY SEGALL - Melted Full Album
PatrickEwingsNostril 1 Rob Schneider Telling Steven Seagal Stories on Howard Stern
benjaminmktn121 0 Boogie wonderland - Earth Wind and Fire
lifejustice 0 Anderson Silva training with Steven Seagal
lifejustice 0 ‪Steven Seagal Training with Lyoto Machida‏
lifejustice 0 Anderson Silva Entrance UFC 148
gandi800 0 Goats Yelling Like Humans - Super Cut Compilation