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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
realnigga4lyfe 21 Paul Allen's call of the Brett Favre Miracle Pass
Rodriguezry 11 H. Nicks hail mary catch against the Packers
Bronan_the_Brobarian 9 Crazy Randy Moss Highlight
philw5289 7 Flutie's Miracle in Miami
SyKrysus 6 The Motor City Miracle LIVE 9-24-12
SyKrysus 6 David Garrard Hail Mary TD to Mike Thomas..Jaguars vs. Texans 2010
Kalanar 4 1975 Vikings-Cowboys Hail Mary
rcross86 4 1983 San Fancisco 49ers Vs. Atlanta Falcons: Hail Mary
R99 4 Vikings @ Cardinals December 28th, 2003 Tecmo Super Bowl
DinosausRawr 3 Full Michigan State Hail Mary Touchdown To Beat Wisconsin 2011 HD
PhoenixAvenger 3 Arizona stuns Minnesota Green Bay wins the NFC North
NightmareManatee 2 Lee Evans Highlights
Funnyfunnyjokejoker 2 Tim Couch NFL Hail Marys
StuntmanMichael123 1 Joe Buck at his best.
reroll4tw 1 The best play on super bowl XLII
lurkersdontneednames 1 Dez Bryant's amazing Hail Mary catch in end zone
UltraMantis 1 Flutie Hail Mary - full radio audio
GoodOlSpence 1 The Bluegrass Miracle
Crazola 1 Diehardsport_com-Lions Hail Mary against Titans
Crazola 1 Lions Quarterback Dan Orlovsky Safety vs. Vikings 10/12/2008
ac91 1 Mcnabb scramble and heave
grendel756 1 2010 Hail Mary Play: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Houston Texans

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I fucking love this bot.