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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
seventhbreath 124 Bruce Lee, Be Water My Friend
seventhbreath 124 Bruce Lee - Path of the dragon full documentary
seventhbreath 124 Year of the Dragon 2012: The Legend - Bruce Lee
Slaughtersun 52 Bruce Lee Quickness in 1960 Wing Chun Trapping, Strikes, Intercept...
colombianguy 40 Bill Burr - You People Are All The Same - Arnold Schwarzenegger
ins4n1ty 38 Fist of Fury/Chinese Connection:Bruce Lee vs. Bob Robert Baker
mikemtx 24 Tommy Carruthers Showreel - Underground Edition
mikemtx 24 Tommy Carruthers Jeet Kune Do
mikemtx 24 Tommy Carruthers: In The Footsteps of Bruce Lee narrated by Jesse Glover
mikemtx 24 Tommy Carruthers motion capture footage
mikemtx 24 Tommy Demo LA
coehl 23 Bruce Lee interview
Rhocass 16 Be Water My Friend! - Bruce Lee Remix #eTHErSEC
jijilento 11 Bruce Lee fight Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Linton58 9 Jack Johnson - Inaudible Melodies
xEzio 8 Bruce Lee Speed And Strength
xEzio 8 Bruce Lee Jhoon Rhee Tournament Footage 1968
xEzio 8 Bruce Lee 1 inch punch
xEzio 8 Bruce Lee - Fastest kicks ever seen by the world
xEzio 8 Martial Arts - Bruce Lee - Speed Demonstration
The_Last_Mouse 7 Bruce Lee- Ping Pong Full Version
yamisamo 5 Binary Star - Honest Expression The Multimedia Remix
Noxchi 5 Worlds Fastest Gun Slinger
zeroGamer 4 Bruce Lee 1 inch punch and 2 finger pushup.wmv
DickRiculous 3 Bruce Lee. The Lost Interview 1971 REMASTERED
DickRiculous 3 Binary Star - Honest Expression
FlyLittleCrow 3 Interview Bruce lee about water
FlyLittleCrow 3 Be Water original
Noxchi 3 Indiana Jones : Sword vs. Gun
This_is_why_Im_not 2 Jack Johnson, Inaudible Melodies Live Earth, Sydney
Sega_Saturn_Shiro 2 You are Already Dead
does_flips_and_shit 2 Bruce Lee Demonstrates Some Kung Fu Moves
llathos 2 Usual Suspects Line up Hand me the keys
mikemtx 2 Tommy Carruthers Attacking Seminar Demonstration
mutsuto 1 Bruce Lee - Be Like Water!
Specialis_Sapientia 1 Bruce Lee Remix - Be Water My Friend
TKrios 1 The Bruce Lee Story
agent_waffles 1 Steve Kuclo 100-pound dumbbell curls
zyrumtumtugger 1 Bruce Lee vs The Dark Knight
Pepe__Silvia 1 Jack Johnson - Inaudible Melodies
Squeejee09 1 Bruce Lee Fight Scenes - Part 2 - FIST OF FURY
Real_Name_Withheld 1 Royce Gracie Highlight
mikemtx 1 Tommy Carruthers Kick - Jeet Kune Do
welmoe 1 Bruce Lee- Don't think, feel!!!
iggzy 1 Marko Zaror 2007
ScorchedEarth88 1 Bruce Lee Lighting Matches with Nunchucks
baronsoloman 1 Bruce Lee A Warriors Journey 1 10
ItWasAccident 1 Bruce Lee - Karate Tournament 1967