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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
santa_cloud 597 Queen-These Are The Days Of Our Lives OQR Video Edit
Ochsenfree 183 Queen Live Aid Full Video HQ
har_har 114 Queen - The Show Must Go On Only Vocals
zaoldyeck 54 Queen - '39 - A Night At The Opera 1975
zaoldyeck 54 Brian May - 'God Save The Queen' on the roof of Buckingham Palace Golden Jubilee 2002
dsmx 36 Queen- live at Wembley Stadium 12-07-1986 Saturday 25th Anniversary Edition
zanii 20 Queen - Mother Love
NeoNerd 16 Freddie Mercury vs. Crowd
notheresnolight 13 Queen - The Show Must Go On Official Video HD
MissedHerPink 11 Foxy Shazam - Holy Touch
psych0ranger 8 My "Somebody To Love" audition
louisc 8 MIKA - We Are Golden
bravefighttowildbear 8 The Gift Bug Chasing Documentary 01/05
louisc 8 MIKA - Grace Kelly Extended Version
louisc 8 MIKA - Lollipop
louisc 8 MIKA - Underwater
louisc 8 MIKA - Love Today
louisc 8 MIKA - Big Girl You Are Beautiful
louisc 8 MIKA - Relax, Take It Easy New Version
J_for_Jules 5 Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives - 1991
the_walrus_was_ringo 4 Queen - I'm In Love With My Car
the_walrus_was_ringo 4 Queen - You're My Best Friend
redditor3000 3 Queen - 'The Show Must Go On' Music Video
The_Reddit_Bartender 3 Frank Sinatra vs Freddie Mercury - Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2
MANCREEP 2 Emerald Nuts Ad
sharinghappiness 2 Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe - How Can I Go On Live
Insamity 2 Beastie Boys - So What Cha Want
T_Hickock 2 C.J. Cregg Does The Jackal - West Wing S1E18
painis 2 Queen - Live At Wembley 1986 - Friday Concert - Full Concert 2011 release
rhye_cl 2 Queen - Tie Your Mother Down Live at Wembley 11.07.1986
Angstromium 1 AIDS: Don't Die Of Ignorance
MrBrawn 1 Closing Ceremony - Queen featuring Jessie J - London 2012 Olympic Games Highlights
jimdandy1010 1 Divinefire - The Show Must Go On
mr_mf_jones 1 Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody - Vocals Only
Ricardowth 1 The Vocal Range of Axl Rose
louisc 1 MIKA - Lola without mic! - Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC - 12-04-13
dlman 1 Team America -Everyone Has Aids
scientits00 1 Queen - Love of My Life
MaliciousHH 1 Dappy - Yin Yang
ashowofhands 1 fun. - All The Pretty Girls AUDIO
Aligatr 1 Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury Together - HD
Tranchera 1 Queen - Delilah Lyrics

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Well that's the remainder of my night taken up with Queen vids. For once this bot works out

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Thank you VideoLinkBot

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I'll b back when on computer :3