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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
Douchebag_dvm 98 7 FACTS ABOUT 00Yarko - SUSHI!, harry potter, Rome Italy ★
Douchebag_dvm 98 Two of the BEST and FUNNIEST scene youtubers EVAR battle whos got the hottest and sexiest emo hair!
Nellanaesp 15 bring me the horizon - it never ends vocal cover by ▲ 00Yarko, bmth
LeAce 10 Death metal vocal exercises
Berwickmex 9 HOW TO BE SCENE IN 2013 scene kids unite!!
kidxmicah 6 ASK YARKO 1 musical- A day to remember growls and exciting news ♥ !
DoubleBassPlease 6 INTO ETERNITY - Nothing - Vocal Lesson Stu Block
Khao8 6 Discovery Channel special on Melissa Cross
Nadrik 5 Opeth-Godheads lament
Spekter5150 4 INTO ETERNITY - Timeless Winter OFFICIAL VIDEO
zack10house 3 Lamb of God - In Your Words Lyrics HQ
Extreme-Enigma 2 A day to remember cover - you be Tails, I'll be Sonic 00yarko
KingNick 2 Machine Head Message In Bottle FULL
BWAHAHAHALOL 2 Anaal Nathrakh - In the Constellation Of The Black Widow
BWAHAHAHALOL 2 Archspire - Archspire
smackfromthezack 2 Whitechapel "Possibilities of an Impossible Existence" OFFICIAL VIDEO
Andergard 1 Shai Hulud "A Human Failing" LYRIC VIDEO
kinggarbanzo 1 Fallout 3- GHOUL
gaedikus 1 It Never Ends - "Bring Me The Horizon" Vocal Cover 11 Year
Tmmrn 1 Turisas Acoustic Session
Tmmrn 1 A Finish Summer With Turisas
Tidesofdan 1 Bring Me The Horizon - "It Never Ends"
hard_to_explain 1 Bruce Dickinson vocal range 4 octaves C#2 - B5
TinyB1 1 Bullet for my Valentine cover - all these things I hate revolve around me by 00yarko
Aerithia1 1 Protest The Hero - Sequoia Throne
eleven_eleven_twelve 1 Scene Sucks audio fixed
Oddish 1 Bloodbath - Eaten live
sdpr 1 Carbonized in Cruciform: Lyrics in Description
Xaendrik 1 Justin Bieber - As long as you love me acoustic - 00Yarko's first ever cover
Andergard 1 Hatebreed - Perseverance