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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
kterr101 86 Justin Timberlake at ESPYS 2008- David Tyree Catch
shellspitter 59 Tim Tebow Amazing 80 Yard OT Pass Vs Steelers 2012
kryptykk 49 John Carney Missed extra point
Stokest26 24 Tony Romo's Botched Hold from long snapper.
bowen747 23 James Harrison 100 yard interception Great Quality
dougglatt 19 Super Bowl XLII Asante Samuel dropped interception. Buckner?
synfire 7 Green Bay scores Trick Play on fake field goal 9-13-12 HD
friendlyaussie 6 Vikings fans reaction to Favre interception vs Saints
smartalecky 5 Napolean McCallum injury
DashDingo 5 Redskins Fail
MisallocatedRacism 5 David Garrard Hail Mary TD to Mike Thomas..Jaguars vs. Texans 2010
sppride 3 Mark Sanchez Butt Fumble
DesperateMeasure 3 Dan Connolly 300 Pound Patriots Lineman Springs A 71 Yard Kick Off Return 4.6 40 yard dash
Uranus_Hz 3 Jim McMahon body slammed by Charles Martin Bears Packers 1986
Awkwerdna 3 Biased Officiating in Saints/Vikings Game Spurs Change to OT Rules
tee2green 2 Brandon Jacobs Trucks Laron Laundry
FunGoodHappyJoy 2 The Tuck Rule - 10 Year Anniversary
SkoalPatrol 2 Johnny Knox injured, gets folded in half.
Barry_McCockinher 2 bucs vs eagles playoffs
tee2green 2 "The Other Catch" Andre Johson Catches Game Tying TD!!!
tee2green 2 Vick to Desean Jackson 88 yard TD vs Redskins
Hanistotle 2 Drew Brees Birthmark Oprah Mistake It For Lipstick
MushroomCloudMoFo 2 The Catch II: Steve Young to Terrell Owens
UsesMemesAtWrongTime 2 Ravens impossible comeback vs Denver
comradeblueballs 2 The Joker says HI
APF429 2 Browns - Chiefs - September 8th, 2002
yangar 2 Hines Ward kills Ed Reed!
hereholdmysnowcone 2 Ouch - Football Broken Leg
Old-Hickory 1 TSN Top 10 Blown Calls 4/13/12 HD
SkoalPatrol 1 NFL Wild-Card 2010: Dansby fumble recovery. Cardinals vs Packers
IDontLookAtUsernames 1 NFL Top 10 Foul-Ups: Gary Anderson's Miss
spacelemon 1 Joe Theisman vs. LT
Hanistotle 1 Marshawn Lynch "Beast Mode" 67-yard TD run - best playoff run ever, in HD
ssjMrFord 1 New Orleans Saints Gleason Block
AustinRiversDaGod 1 Matt Ryan Playoff INT
yangar 1 Eagles Comeback Against Giants Called by Merrill Reese
simpsoniguess 1 Patrick Willis hit on Brad Smith HD
shredhoth 1 Wes Welker Drops Super Bowl Pass
bigmillion08 1 Atlanta Braves 8th Inning Infield Fly Rule Controversy against STL Cardinals LIVE 10-5-12
AustinRiversDaGod 1 Michael Vick Fingers Crowd

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What are you, some sort of heartless machine, VideoLinkBot? People don't want to rewatch these!

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I dunno, one was titled "Mike Vick Fingers Crown."

I might want to know more about that.

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This a masochist's playlist...