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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
Justin007isback 200 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Feelings
Itchy_Craphole 99 Jub jub and my beard...
5rob 97 Crater Face
TheNewRavager 45 Best Of Catbug - Bravest Warriors on Cartoon Hangover
TheNewRavager 45 Time Slime Bravest Warriors - Ep. 1 Season 1
architect_son 27 Game Grumps Animated - DAN OUDA DAN
Itchy_Craphole 26 What its like 'Walking With Jub Jub'
Etch_A_Sketcher 23 [None](None)
TheNewRavager 16 Meet Catbug from "Bravest Warriors"
Itchy_Craphole 14 Jub Jub has Biggest Tick Ever!
pldidit 14 Astrud Gilberto - AGUA DE BEBER - 1965 Stereo!
Itchy_Craphole 14 Droolin' with Jub Jub
Rikkushin 14 Antonio Carlos Jobim & Elis Regina - Águas De Março Waters Of March
lnenad 9 Me In My Place ® - Laura Vandervoort - for Esquire's Funny Joke told by a Beautiful Woman
thewhitedeath 8 Elis Regina O Bebado e A Equilibrista
thewhitedeath 8 Elis Regina - Como Nossos Pais
j0phus 8 Waters of March - Susannah McCorkle
4sevens 7 Cibo Matto-Aguas De Marco
powlol 7 Elis Regina, Águas de Março
GalacticPenguin 4 If I Made a Commercial for Trader Joe's
almost2seconds 4 Les eaux de mars - Stacey Kent - Concert privé Fnac
siddboots 4 João Gilberto - Águas de Março
Mizzay 2 ÁGUAS DE MARÇO - ELIS REGINA Bossa-nova Brasil
esrubio 2 Sergio Mendes - Waters Of Mars 2008
bacteriadude 2 Laboratório Submarino 2021 - Águas de Março
thewhitedeath 1 Waters of March Aguas de Março - David Byrne e Marisa Monte from Red Hot on Vimeo.
Gertiel 1 Second Wind
RiskyDINGO 1 How to Make Omurice オムライスの作り方
randomnameipicked 1 Baker Cat!
Giannny 1 Águas de Março - Tom Jobim e Elis Regina no Fantástico
enum5345 1 Les Eaux De Mars. Atlantique Khanh
franz_Smith 1 Waters of March - Anya Marina
undu 1 Elis Regina - "Águas de Março" - MPB Especial
NullReference 1 Look how dat boy mind me! Joby and Lonnie at the beach. Original
DSHackerc 1 Basia - Waters of March Aguas de Marco
wecanfly3 0 Hilarious Kid Wakes Up From Surgery

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