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Here is a list of video links collected from comments that redditors have made in response to this submission:

Source Comment Score Video Link
Delta0010 24 Marian Hossa Sweet Backhand Goal vs Vancouver Canucks 2/19/13
dotdoubledot 19 Kopitar's Game Winner
imnotthesmartestman 8 Marian Gaborik Overtime Winning Goal-Bruins vs Rangers 1/23/13
MajorSuccess 7 Jonathan Huberdeau's Sick Penalty Shot vs Bryzgalov HD Panthers at Flyers 2/21/13
ngmcs8203 4 Logan Couture scores on Thornton's no look pass 2/26/13
pony-boy 3 Mark Streit Beautiful Pass to Michael Grabner who scores on a Breakaway 01/21/13
jesusinabottle 3 Sick Pavel Datsyuk goal on Marty Turco
jesusinabottle 3 Alexei Tsvetkov Sweet Datsyukian Deke Shootout Goal - KHL 29/9/12
nonbornking 3 Stars Down Ducks
Pidgey_OP 3 Tomas Tatar scores off a great move-Blues vs Red Wings 2/13/13
carabajal 2 Jeff Carter goal Feb 11 2013 LA Kings vs St. Louis Blues NHL Hockey
fourtdsonegame 2 Erik Karlsson Goal OTT-FLA, Jan 24 HD
fourtdsonegame 2 #33 Jakob Silfverberg Shorthanded Backhand Goal NY Rangers vs Ottawa Senators Feb 21, 2013 NHL HD
fourtdsonegame 2 Jakob Silfverberg Breakaway Goal Ottawa Senators vs Montreal Canadiens Feb 3, 2013 NHL HD
fourtdsonegame 2 Daniel Alfredsson Goal Carolina Hurricanes vs Ottawa Senators Feb 7, 2013 NHL HD
TheToeTag 2 Dallas Stars @ Columbus Blue Jackets 1/28/2013 Kari Lehtonen Save Of The Year?
Dustydevil8809 1 Stars Jamie Benn stick handles and scores 2/21/13
Dustydevil8809 1 Loui Eriksson beats Bobrovsky to win it in OT 2/26/13
kdg123 1 Pavel Datsyuk shootout goal 1/17/10