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Played 100 turns so far with Washington on Immortal:

My starting area:

Decided to settle where I started, pretty nice city with lots of happiness resources!

On turn 4 I stumble upon an amusing situation:

Poor city state settler is stuck on a mountain. The people of Sydney would soon perish as they became stuck in the mountain pass on their way to greener countries.

View of the land at 19 turns:

Some pretty sweet spots are showing up. I delayed my monument a bit to see if I'd rather go liberty or tradition, and it's looking like tradition at this point.

Got a 30 faith ruin, always nice to get an early pantheon:

Finally found another Civ at turn 58!

Luckily Boston is already in place to block them from my valley.

Turn 69, another lush looking valley!

By the looks of it, this may be mine to settle as well (2 ruins still there at turn 69). Definitely glad I went liberty, because I'm about to start pumping out some cities.

Boom, 60 faith from a ruin:

Aaaaaaand another 60 faith 30 turns later!

My work's cut out for me at this point. I'm planning to get at least 11-12 cities in if I truly do have the southern valley to myself for a while.

Album of pics:

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Update: To Education

The oracle was still around at turn 103~ so I decided to give it a shot, only 11 turns (which I hopefully won't regret wasting when I miss it).

Luckily, I don't:

It conveniently falls on a turn that I had a new policy coming anyway, so I finish up liberty and grab a point in commerce. I decided to take a great engineer from the liberty finisher, as I had just finished guilds as well; you know what's next!

A few turns later I meet Montezuma and spot a Chinese settler moving around, so I block one of the few entrances to my hidden valley with a chariot.

On turn 135 I finish Education, and take a look at how my empire is shaping up.

Red squares = city spots

Red arrows = key chokepoints that will keep other Civs off my lawn.

Future plans are to settle those red squares and get the cities in fighting shape. After That I'll go after Nebucheddar with some minutemen most likely. Alexander is also pretty close, and I hate that guy. He'll have to go next while I hold my southern border against China and Montezuma (and possibly Boudicca, not entirely sure how she can attack me yet). My national college is probably later than it should be, but I really wanted to close off some land for future settling. I'll get my last ~4-5 cities up once my happiness has become stable.

New York is starting to shape up as a pretty solid gold focused city alongside my capital, and Philadelphia should be able to run some specialists. The rest are decent for production or whatever else I feel like shaping them in to. Seattle will probably be another gold city as it has good food and tons of flood plains.

And the album: