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Here is a list of video links that redditors have posted in response to this submission (deduplicated to the best of my ability):

Source Comment Score Video Link
DariusBlack 42 Goat sing with Usher
{'permalink': u'', 'title': None, 'author': u'DariusBlack', 'created_utc': 1361736239.0, 'score': 43, 'id': u'c8kx00t'} 42 Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble Goat Edition
Gryffindor_Elite 19 Eminem "Just Lose It"
{'permalink': u'', 'title': None, 'author': u'SkloK', 'created_utc': 1361737011.0, 'score': 19, 'id': u'c8kx88f'} 18 Weezer - Say It Ain't Goat
waviecrockett 4 Lil Wayne - Zoo ft Mack Maine
waviecrockett 4 Lil Wayne- Dr. Carter THE CARTER 3
waviecrockett 4 Lil Wayne - Georgia Bush
waviecrockett 4 Outkast - Hollywood Divorce Feat. Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg
waviecrockett 4 BM J.R. - Lil Wayne
Haptens 4 Try The McGurk Effect! - Horizon: Is Seeing Believing? - BBC Two
OrderTeam 4 Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble Egoraptor Edition
AmiroZ 4 oprah and the yelling goat
Benevolentia 3 Jay-Z Kanye West Niggas In Paris Encore Live Montreal 2011 HD 1080P
No_Problems 1 Young Money-Rest In Peace
No_Problems 1 Down & Out Freestyle
No_Problems 1 Lil Wayne "Knuck if you buck" Ft Mack maine
No_Problems 1 Your gonna love me freestyle- Lil Wayne
No_Problems 1 Lil Wayne- Ghetto Rich REMIX Weezy Verse
No_Problems 1 Lil Wayne - Outstanding No DJ
No_Problems 1 LiL Wayne-Trouble
No_Problems 1 Lil Wayne - Problem Solver
No_Problems 1 Lil Wayne ft Birdman - M.o.b
No_Problems 1 New Lil Wayne- David Banner or Monster
No_Problems 1 Lil' Wayne - I Can't Feel My Face
No_Problems 1 Million Dollar Baby-Lil Wayne With Lyrics
Svennusmax -1 Krispy Kreme - The Baddest
SmileAndAppreciate -2 Goat Yelling Like A Man Animal Fail