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Here is a list of video links that redditors have posted in response to this submission (deduplicated to the best of my ability):

Source Comment Score Video Link
The_One_Above_All 58 A bike race leader forgot to run last lap!
The_One_Above_All 58 400m runner celebrates too early
The_One_Above_All 58 never celebrate too early
The_One_Above_All 58 CFL Chris Williams Celebrates Too Early on Missed Field Goal Return
The_One_Above_All 58 WORST CELEBRATIONS - Goalkeeper celebrates too early in penalty!!!!
The_One_Above_All 58 Basketball Team Celebrates Too Early
The_One_Above_All 58 Why You Should Never Celebrate Too Soon
omgwtfbbq6 56 Speed Comparison: GT vs. F1
goodbyegalaxy 8 soccer team celebrates too long - gets owned
goodbyegalaxy 8 Celebrating Too Early: Kid Drops Ball.. Loses Football Game!
goodbyegalaxy 8 a player celebrates too early by flipping into endzone when its the 10 yard line
goodbyegalaxy 8 Celebrating early Fail
goodbyegalaxy 8 never celebrate too early
goodbyegalaxy 8 Sean Emmett celebrates too early and loses the win British Superbikes at Thruxton 2004
goodbyegalaxy 8 Tom Varndell trysaver as Sam Vesty celebrates prematurely
The_Boss_302 3 Speed Rollerblader Celebrates Early And Loses Race!
MinecraftMan1 1 Goalkeeper celebrates too early, amazing penalty.avi
caleen 1 Late Model Stock-Car Race at Thunderhill 8/14/10
probably_a_bitch 1 Mark Webber Valencia F1 Crash 2010 - Slowed Down - HD
sqrt-1loveyou -10 Huge Backflip Crash!!!