everything pulls from and combines it with data from, musicbrainz,, OMDb, and about a dozen of the most popular video, music, and image sites.

conceived and created by dylan radd.
support and bird hunting by fifteen radd.
system administration by stephen melvin. logo by jesper nellemann jakobsen.
ui consultation by cameron smith.
most icons by PICOL. development started on sept. 19th, 2012.
the first incarnation went live oct. 14th, 2012.

Thanks to the modteam of /r/listentothis for their support!

email: slipperypeople @

..for Granny at the Lake.

how to make yer own station

first, create an account on reddit

It's quick and easy to register. You don't even have to give them your email address (but if you forget your password, you'll wish that you did.)

Once you have an account, you can:

create a post

Find a post with lots of links in the self text or in the comments? Just change "" to "" in the URL! For example, this post on reddit is at the same place on (You can do this with any post without a reddit account. Check out the most recently viewed posts.)

Want to make a playlist? Just make a self(text) post of your own and include all the links you want. Be descriptive with your title-- and don't post in an inappropriate subreddit! It's best to read the sidebar of any subreddit before posting to it.

If you want to just load the links in the selftext of a post (and not the links included in the comments), you can use the shortlink (found towards the top-right of every post). E.g. the listentothis post above can be found at or made into a playlist at

You can also add /video or /music or /images to the end of these URLs to skip any links that aren't recognized videos, music, or images respectively.

browse your submitted links

Do you make alot of posts to reddit? You can load all your submissions at once.

Click your username on reddit (at the top-right of any page) to go to your user profile. Click the "submitted" tab and you'll be taken to a page with a URL like Just change the "" part of this URL to "" and you're done!

Adding the /video or /music or /images options at the end of the URL works here too!

browse the subreddits you subscribe to

You'll find reddit a more enjoyable experience if you subscribe to the subreddits that you're interested in (and unsubscribe from those you're not.) Try searching all the subreddits for topics that are of interest to you.

create your own subreddit

Creating a subreddit is as easy as creating an account. Go to the subreddit create page and enter a name and description. You can leave most of the options as they are, but if you don't want anyone else adding links then change the type from "public" to "restricted". (But not "private" as can't see those!)

After you've submitted links to your subreddit, change "" in the URL to "" to browse your station just like before. So if your subreddit is at then your station would be at

And yes, you can (still) use the /video or /music or /images options with these URLs.

Your account must be a month old before you can create your own subreddit!


Do you run an indie radio station or something equally cool? Want a custom URL on Tell us a bit about yourself.